Registration Closed

The rules:
Participants must perform only their own writing/contents.
Only solo or duo performances; no groups please.
You get the use of a microphone. No other arrangements will be made for your performance.

Genres: No restriction. Poetry, monologues, stories, music (original/classical/folk/ghazals), it’s all good.
Prohibited: Foul language, explicit sexual imagery, slander, anything that flouts the laws of India.

If you want a slot:
You must be physically present at the venue 30 minutes before start time. You must show the text/content of what you plan to perform to the organizers present, and describe your performance. This is not about censorship; it is to guard against infringement of the rules.

There are no prizes, except the opportunity to perform to an audience, and earn its acclaim. You will not be reimbursed expenses, and will not be paid any fee or honorarium. You retain ownership of your work, but by submitting it, you give the MIC & MANCH the right to display your work, or photographs or recordings of your performance, at the Social Media, and on their websites/channel, should they so choose, with attribution to you, but with no payment.